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Big Changes at ADS Indy!

Happy Retirement Dave Keiner! Please join us in extending appreciation and congratulations to Dave Keiner, who retired from our Indianapolis branch on August 31st.

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Upcoming Website Changes

If you've been around for a while, you might remember the launch of our first robust, comprehensive ecommerce platform back in 2014. If not, that's ok too. Just know that you're reading this on that very website! At the time, the site was built using the latest technology and industry best practices for an ecommerce platform. But like most things in the digital world, it didn't take long to start becoming outdated and a little cumbersome to maintain. Our business software wasn't tied together with the ecommerce side of things and it just made for some less than efficient maintenance and updating. While it was getting the job done, we knew there had to be a better way.

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Investing In The Future

We've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating - the diesel industry is changing at a rate never seen before. As the market grows, so do the opportunities we see in the world of remanufacturing and machining. Investing in the future is the only clear path to avoid being overwhelmed by it. To that end, we are excited to announce the addition of a few new pieces of equipment that will not only increase our production capacities but also give us an edge in developing new parts and tools for the diesel industry through our state-of-the-art machine shop.

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Training to Maintain Our Edge

The diesel industry is developing at a faster rate now than it ever has. The systems and technology are becoming increasingly more complex and demanding. In order to maintain our proficiency and position as a leader in this industry, we are committed to investing in our greatest assets, our team. To that end, we recently sent two of our technicians for some continuing education. Rich Hays, manager of our specialized remanufacturing facility in Carlinville, IL and Brandon Texier, common rail injector technician, attended a course sponsored by Diesel Components, Inc. in Burnsville, MN and provided by Lucas Diesel Systems. The course focused on rebuilding Bosch Common Rail Injectors; specifically CRIN 1 - 3. 

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ISO External Audit Success

During the week of September 19 - 23, an external auditor with TÜVRheinland® was on-site to conduct our annual ISO 9001:2015 external audit. We are pleased to announce the results of that audit were very positive and we have maintained our certification! 

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