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Borg Warner Releases Highly Anticipated Performance Turbochargers

The world of performance turbochargers just got even more exciting! Borg Warner has just released several new part numbers in the Airwerks® S200SX-E and S300SX-E lines. The S200SX-E Super Cores, performance turbochargers less turbine housing, are available in both a 52mm and 57mm option while the S300SX-E Super Cores are available in five models ranging from 61.4mm to 69mm. Turbine housing options for the S300SX-E are as follows: 0.88 A/R, 0.91 A/R, & 1.00 A/R. These new S300SX-E Super Cores deliver up to a 3 percent increase in compressor efficiency and up to 25 percent more flow WITHIN THE SAME FRAME SIZE!

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