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Borg Warner Releases Highly Anticipated Performance Turbochargers

Performance turbochargers from Borg Warner include the Airwerks Super Cores seen here.
The world of performance turbochargers just got even more exciting! Borg Warner has just released several new part numbers in the Airwerks® S200SX-E and S300SX-E lines. The S200SX-E Super Cores, performance turbochargers less turbine housing, are available in both a 52mm and 57mm option while the S300SX-E Super Cores are available in five models ranging from 61.4mm to 69mm. Turbine housing options for the S300SX-E are as follows: 0.88 A/R, 0.91 A/R, & 1.00 A/R. These new S300SX-E Super Cores deliver up to a 3 percent increase in compressor efficiency and up to 25 percent more flow WITHIN THE SAME FRAME SIZE!

Borg Warner performance turbochargers feature the new Airwerks Super Cores, S200SX-E and S300SX-E.

Take your expectations for performance turbochargers to whole new extremes.

Key Features of the S200/S300SX-E Series Turbochargers

Borg Warner's latest breakthrough in performance turbochargers boasts the following features:

  • 360º thrust bearing
  • Forged milled compressor wheel
  • Flexible compressor cover outlet options
  • Integrated speed sensor port
  • Pre-machined boost port
  • Optimized compressor cover aerodynamics

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Performance turbochargers got an upgrade with Borg Warner SX-E Super Cores.