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Area Diesel Service, Inc. Announces Switch to Cadence Software Platform

The transition to Cadence’s intuitive inventory management software will provide a more streamlined experience for the diesel performance parts company’s dealers, customers, and employees.

Carlinville, Il.— Area Diesel Service, Inc. recently announced it has transitioned its part management operations to Cadence, a cloud-based ERP platform new to the marketplace. Cadence’s software offers management solutions ranging from logistics to inventory to billing and will simplify the product purchasing experience for Area Diesel Service’s dealers and streamline the growing company’s inventory operations.

Area Diesel Service’s former inventory management system of 25 years began to pose a series of logistical and operational challenges to the diesel performance parts company as its e-commerce presence, number of locations, and inventory of diesel parts, turbochargers, and fuel injection equipment began to grow, according to Area Diesel Branch Manager and Web Coordinator Corey Stallings.

“Our old interface did a great job for us for a number of years, but once we started opening multiple locations, the lack of an integrated CRM made reporting and product ordering by phone more difficult for both our team members and our customers to navigate,” said Stallings. He continued, “Once we started running into increased maintenance costs and the need for more frequent data backups, we knew it was time to move on to something that was better suited for our business needs.”

Software Built to Suit a Growing Business

Area Diesel Service’s management software, Cadence, is a cloud-based enterprise research planning (ERP) platform with a built-in CRM that houses the company’s inventory of innovative diesel performance parts, turbochargers, and fuel injection equipment, and offers key product integrations, real-time prices and data, stock levels, invoices, core eligibility, and more. And in Area Diesel Service’s case, it gives dealers convenient access to online ordering—no lengthy phone calls required. Its online dealer portal and customizable dashboard features have allowed Area Diesel Service to step into the present for the benefit of its dealers and customer base.

“Cadence is the brainchild of a company that is very similar to ours, so they know how our business operates,” said Stallings.

Though the transition to a new platform was an extensive undertaking, it has already helped the company solve a myriad of problems, from challenges with departmental communication to a need for a more streamlined diesel service support experience for its long-time dealers and customers.

“Since we made the switch, purchasing has been improved and inventory management is easier than ever,” said Stallings. “All in all, it’s been a fantastic transition.”

About Cadence

Cadence provides safe, secure business optimization software that offers cloud-based solutions for inventory, billing, logistics, accounting, ecommerce, and more.

About Area Diesel Service

Area Diesel Service, Inc. is committed to providing the best in service and products for its dealers and customers. A leader in the Midwest diesel parts and turbo market, Area Diesel works to honor the principles set by its founder, Val Leefers, while now offering its vast inventory of diesel products online to national and international markets.