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A Diesel Pickup Owner’s Guide to Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Make the most of your performance diesel engine in 2016 with diesel power products, specialty tools, regular maintenance, and smart repairs.

After the holiday mayhem dies down, 2016 will finally be upon us. With the new year typically comes a few resolutions to start a new project or two, adopt a new health regime and spread a little more love to those around you, but what’s more worthy of love than your diesel engine? Okay, maybe love isn’t the right word, but it’s pretty close. Either way, every diesel engine needs some attention and upkeep, if not upgrades, to perform at its best.

2016 is the perfect time to take a look at not only what improved performance you’d like out of your diesel engine in the new year, but also how you can better maintain your engine’s parts and equipment. Our diesel specialists have put together a list of New Year’s resolutions that will improve your diesel’s performance and keep it running right:

  • Increase the fuel economy of your diesel truck.
  • Ramp up the horsepower of your truck.
  • Cover crucial maintenance yourself.
  • Make common repairs when your truck needs them.
  • Save money on parts and tools.

We’ll tackle these in a little more detail to help make your resolution planning quick and easy.

Increase the Fuel Economy and Horsepower of Your Truck

Our first two resolutions go hand in hand, and we’ve got the diesel power products you need to keep this year’s promises. If you’ve been conservative about taking steps to increase your diesel engine’s performance in years past, let 2016 be the year you take your engine’s fuel economy and horsepower to impressive new levels. If you’re due for an upgrade to a new diesel engine module, we’ve got a great incentive to help make the switch: we always have excellent pricing on our Truck Edition Modules.

In addition, consider whether your engine might be due for a cold air intake upgrade for improved combustion rates (and improved power) or something as simple and highly cost-effective as a better fuel additive.

Our diesel specialists have the resolutions and diesel power products to keep your truck running right, like this RAM 3500.Keep your diesel engine running as well as or better than the day you drove it off the lot.

Cover Crucial Diesel Maintenance Yourself

Whether your diesel engine is your professional / agricultural lifeline or your favorite means of recreation, the necessity of keeping up with maintenance remains hugely important. If you find yourself falling behind on oil changes throughout the year, resolve to block off time for regular changes well in advance so they don’t catch you off guard. You can also talk to a trusted mechanic about when your engine will next be due for a thorough EGR cleaning or injector flushing. Oh, and of course, you should never neglect to check your fuel filter—it should be changed at least twice a year or every other oil change.

Make Common Repairs When Your Truck Needs Them

Finally, while every diesel engine lover and owner knows you shouldn’t ignore bigger repairs to your engine when they’re needed, you can make an effort to improve preventative care of your engine so you never find yourself scrambling to make the more costly repairs in the first place. Regularly inspect your engine and read up on diesel engine news so you can stay in the know about whether the industry’s newest tools and parts could make your engine stronger and more powerful. If you do need to make a repair, though, we’ve got you covered with Magnum Replacement Parts, turbos, and all the special tools your engine needs to get back on the road or back in the field faster and with more efficiency than ever.

Save Money on Parts and Tools

For any parts and specialty tools you might need to make your new diesel resolutions a reality, add one final resolution to search out the best prices available by shopping Area Diesel’s products. And stay tuned to our site for news on discounts and special offers throughout the year for even bigger savings!

Like every other year, we're hoping 2016 will be the year of improved relationships, career milestones, wealth, and good health for all our friends, and we're betting you wouldn’t mind establishing bigger, badder diesel engine performance along the way. From special parts to upgraded performance equipment, we’re excited to be your diesel engine service provider of choice in the coming year and beyond.

From all of us at Area Diesel Service, Happy New Year!