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Arkansas Mile 2017

Once again our good friend Jeff Gerner is loading up his "Missouri Missile" on to the trailer and preparing for another exciting weekend at the track. This time around he'll be headed to Blytheville, AR to run in the Arkansas Mile. This is the second annual running of this family friendly event and promises to be one of the highlights of this year's top speed racing circuit. Participants will get their chance to show just what they can do on a 1-mile track with a 1/2 mile shut down. In last year's event, we saw the US Mile record set by a Ford GT at 280.1mph. We also had the pleasure of watching the first ever RV enter the race and eventually make a pass at 108.9mph! And with any luck, this year will prove to be just as exciting! 


Resident speed demon Jeff Gerner has been hard at work in the shop getting the 1992 Audi S4 into competition shape and if all goes well we hope to see Jeff top that coveted 200mph mark that so many racers strive to achieve. The current all-time record in the Audi's class is 174mph but thanks to the BorgWarner S400SX turbo helping Jeff's S4 put down an astounding 1047 wheel horsepower on the dyno we think his goal is more than obtainable. Yes, you read that right; 1047hp from a 2.3L, 136 cubic inch engine! Wow!

On a more serious note, Jeff will be competing not only against the normal host of things such as gravity and inertia but this year his toughest competitor may be his own body. We've recently learned that Jeff himself will be going in for some pretty serious maintenance in the coming weeks. He will be toughing out this weekend minus the pain killers, relying solely on his "German hardheadedness" to ensure he keeps a clear head throughout his races. We wish him all the best and hope he recovers quickly!    

The Arkansas Mile is scheduled for this weekend June 2-4 at the retired S.A.C. Airbase in Blytheville, AR. For more details, you can check out the event listing at