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Area Diesel Pre-Cleaner Products Coming Down the Pipeline

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is well underway in rural Macoupin County, Illinois - a few miles from Area Diesel Service’s Carlinville headquarters. 

The pipeline will transport light, sweet crude oil through fifty counties in four states, from North Dakota to Illinois.

Area Diesel Service personnel spotted an important diesel aftermarket product being used during this huge project. 

The Turbo II Precleaner, an air-intake precleaner that protects heavy-equipment engines, was being used on a piece of sweeper equipment.

The Turbo II performs its job in the toughest environments day in and day out. The unique design prevents micro-abrasive dust from entering the machine’s engine creating cleaner air to prolong the engine life.

Distributed by Area Diesel Service, the Turbo II is the industry standard precleaner by which all precleaners are judged.

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