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2015 Speed Week at Bonneville Cancelled!

There has been some sad news out of Bonneville. For the second time in two years, Speed Week has been cancelled. According to recent reports the heavy summer rains have left the Flats too saturated and muddy for the event to go forward.

SCTA President and Race Diretor, Bill Lattin and the BNI Chairman Roy Creel called off the event in late July for safety reasons. The most they could find was 2¼ miles of salt suitable for a safe race surface. 

Jeff Gerner (pictured above), owner of the World's Fastest Sedan had hoped to best his previous runs here on the Flats, and he still hopes to participate in future events on the Salt Flats if conditions improve. "I'm glad they called it from a safety standpoint, as I didn't really want to try to drive 250 plus MPH on a marginal course" Gerner explained. "There will be further evaluation of the salt in the coming weeks, and I suppose there is a small possibility that the FIA World Finals could be run in October but I feel it is highly unlikely. I would go if weather and course conditions are acceptable."

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to let the Audi compete this year, Gerner has signed up to participate in the Texas Mile this October in Beeville, TX. No matter the ruling of the World Finals at the Salt Flats this fall, Gerner will try his best to compete in 2015. 

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