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Tech Tips


Turbocharger Diagnostic Matrix

BorgWarner has developed this diagnostic matrix to assist you with getting your vehicle running again quickly after a breakdown. Often a defective turbocharger is the consequence of some other primary engine defect which cannot be cured just by replacing the turbocharger. However, with the diagnostic matrix you can determine the true nature and extent of the trouble without any problems. Then we can repair your vehicle more quickly and at less expense – so an engine failure won’t cost you any more time or money than necessary.


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Common Rail Injector Installation Tips

This is a small gathering of installation tips pertaining to the common rail fuel injectors. Included is a sample of what can happen when contaminants are introduced into the common rail fuel system. 


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Turbocharger Failure Tech Information

This is a short 2 page PDF that does a nice job explaining the impact oil starvation and lack of lubrication has on the turbocharger.