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COVID-19 Update

Along with the rest of the nation and world, we are in uncharted territory with the COVID-19 outbreak.

In Illinois, where our headquarters is based, there have been several mandates from the state government in an effort to limit and contain the present situation. Schools, restaurants, bars, and gambling facilities are presently closed through the end of March.

We are actively doing our best to keep staff informed, and pressing the importance of keeping everyone in the company, and our extended community, healthy and safe during this unprecedented event.

We are being mindful of the constant updates and recommendations coming from local, state and federal sources.

With that said, our business supplies parts and services for diesel fuel systems, and is directly intertwined with the over-the-road trucking industry that is working overtime to keep supplies replenished all over the country.

And intertwined with the farming industry that is nearing planting season in many areas.

We want to remind our customers that we are here, ready, open, and working hard to get our jobs done daily so there are no delays up the supply chain.

Please continue to order/buy/support all small and local businesses.

For the foreseeable future, our traveling sales representatives are being asked to call on their accounts through phone and email contact, rather than their usual in-person visits.

With this evolving situation, we will do our best to keep it business as usual over the next few weeks.

Please watch our social media for information, announcements, and updates.

Keep yourself informed of COVID-19 by visiting the CDC's website