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Blackburn Operations Management Students Visit Area Diesel

Area Diesel Service, Inc. hosted Dr. Christina Langwell McCurley’s operations management class on November 10, 2021. 

Thirteen students were guided through Area Diesel’s Carlinville headquarters by parts and sales manager Curtis Owens.   

Owens spoke about the branches, facilities and each department in regards to the entire remanufacturing work flow of Area Diesel, and answered questions as students took note of the business model.   

Marketing manager and Blackburn alum Mallory Kahl also accompanied the group and commented on the company’s marketing strategies, as well as, their ISO 9001:2015 certification.   

“ISO 9001:2015 is a certification that recognizes the achievement of business processes, quality product environments, quality management system development and documentation in place with continual review and objectives for improvement,” explained Kahl. 

Following their tour, Dr. McCurley’s students were tasked to complete an assignment reflecting the operational management of Area Diesel, with their observations of the business and even suggestions for areas of improvement.  

“This tour gave students the opportunity to compare theories and practices discussed in the classroom and apply them to what they observed in a real-world setting,” said Dr. McCurley. 

The operations management course is offered every fall semester at Blackburn, and is an examination of global issues facing the responsible executive in the operation of a manufacturing facility or a service organization. 

Photo - Blackburn operations management students L to R in front of Area Diesel 

Stephanie Aldridge, Jackie Rose, Callista Francis, Courtney Ohlrogge, Madelynn Sneed, Sabrina Kelsey, Jenna Dudra, Kionte Baker, Justice Burse, Kariem Ali, Ramesy Kerley, Blaine Dunning and Sam Mount