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Area Diesel Service Appoints Manager for Specialized Manufacturing Facility

The company has promoted long-time diesel specialist Rich Hays to oversee facility operations including ensuring that Magnum Replacement Parts meet OEM performance standards.

Des Moines, Ia. (PRWEB) December 16, 2014

Area Diesel Service, Inc. today announced the recent promotion of Rich Hays to Route 4 Specialized Facility Manager. Selecting Hays over other qualified prospects reflects the company’s commitment to fueling growth from within. By investing in continued education and specialized training for employees, Area Diesel Service has helped many of its crew members continually add to their skills sets, making promotion from within both logical and beneficial. Corey Stallings, Iowa branch manager, noted that since joining Area Diesel in 2008, “Hays has earned numerous promotions because he has natural leadership qualities, ambition to learn at every opportunity and an obvious passion for diesel engines.”

As specialized facility manager, Hays leads the day-to-day operations involving Magnum Replacement Parts, an extensive line of quality diesel replacement parts. His responsibilities include ensuring that all Magnum parts meet strict quality and performance standards to provide Area Diesel Service customers reliable OEM parts for top-selling diesel manufacturers at an affordable price.

Hays also oversees the team of experienced diesel specialists who repair Magnum parts, which range from fuel pumps and injectors to turbos, electronic components, oil pumps and other diesel parts. Before any replacement part leaves the facility under the Magnum seal, and the 13-month warranty Magnum parts carry, Area Diesel Service’s in-house engineers inspect it to verify quality. Hays recognizes the importance of these performance testing procedures: “When customers turn to Area Diesel for OEM parts, they’re trusting our reputation for outstanding quality and service. It’s my job to be certain their trust only grows after using Magnum parts. That requires the skills of our knowledgable technicians, followed by meticulous inspection.”

After more than six years with Area Diesel Service, Hays is intricately familiar with many facets of the company’s work. He joined the team as a pump technician, building DPS style rotary pumps for diesel fuel systems until his interest in fuel injectors led him to pursue additional education. Area Diesel later ventured into the Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injection market, prompting senior management to select Hays to join Service Manager Mike Walter in Florida for specialized training on the shop’s sophisticated common rail fuel injector testing equipment. Hays then played a key role when Area Diesel opened the Specialized Manufacturing Facility, serving as the sole injector technician until recently accepting the promotion to facility manager.

Asked what has most prepared him for his new role, Hays cited his varied experiences with Area Diesel Service. “Our company demands excellence and drive from every employee,” he said, “and with those expectations comes a wealth of opportunities to grow and succeed. I’ve been involved in just about every phase of our remanufacturing process, so I’ve learned firsthand what goes into rebuilding high-quality parts. Now, I’m thankful for the chance to lead that process. It lets me help customers by providing the parts that keep their engines running right, and it lets me give my crew the type of support Area Diesel has always shown me.”

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