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Making the Right Choice For Your Fuel Economy Upgrade

All season diesel performance is something everyone wants for their engine. Kickstart your performance today with one of the many options offered by Area Diesel.

When it comes to our diesel engines, we all know what it’s like to think endlessly about the best ways to maximize their performance and the dollars we spend to get them there. Because no matter what purpose our diesel engines serve—whether it’s non-negotiable, heavy-duty work, or blissful recreation—the operating costs for fuel alone can add up quick and fluctuate depending on the state of the economy. Since we’d never dream of anything other than our engines performing at their best, it makes sense to consider fuel economy upgrades, from cold air intakes to high-quality fuel additives, that save money at the pump and keep us on the road.

Take a look at our quick breakdown of the fuel economy upgrade options our diesel specialists offer and decide which one is right for your engine.

Get More From Your Mileage With an Electronic Module

Thanks to diesel technology becoming more of an industry standard, electronic modules and programmers have become some of our expert specialists’ favorite ways to increase engine fuel economy because they’re also one of the quickest. A quality module can get an engine more than 3 to 4 extra MPG in next to no time thanks to its ability to deliver fuel into an engine’s combustion chamber with incredible precision and help maintain a constant engine speed.

Area Diesel is proud to offer a series of powerful modules from the aftermarket module world, including our own Truck Edition line. Jump in and check out all the module lines we carry below!

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Cool Things Down with an Exhaust Upgrade

Here’s a fact you might not have known: a typical diesel engine produces exhaust in excess of 1200º F. Second to oil pressure, an engine’s exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is probably the most critical thing to monitor in a diesel engine because the worst case scenario of that exhaust in your engine is a literal meltdown, or at least a welding together of valuable engine parts. The best case scenario? Well, it’s pretty much all worst-case scenario when it comes to your diesel engine getting damaged.

The fastest and most cost-effective way to keep that hot exhaust away from the rest of your engine is to open up your existing exhaust with a high-flow muffler or a more aerodynamic mandrel bent exhaust kit. No matter what type of diesel rig you’re running, odds are pretty great your factory exhaust pipes aren’t performing to capacity. The good news is that one of our experts can get you set up with a better exhaust flow—or, if you already know what’s in your wheelhouse, you can browse our exhaust upgrade inventory below!

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Clean Things Up with an Air Intake

First, it’s important to know that a cold air intake serves a dual purpose in a diesel engine, both of which are vital to your engine’s all season diesel performance and long-term durability. On one hand, it works to provide your engine with a consistently cool and dense air charge. On the other, it works to ensure your engine receives a steady level of filtration by blocking dust and debris from your turbocharger (and making way for that cool, dense air we mentioned). Without a solid filtration system, a diesel engine is doomed to lose power due to lack of air flow.

Our cold air intakes and filters can act like a fresh set of lungs for your diesel engine by drawing in cooler air from outside the vehicle’s engine. Our intake options have minimal bends and a longer duct for better air access, which results in less labor on your engine’s part—and, ultimately, less heat and fuel. Yep, it’s as easy as that.

Our S & B air filters are all tested to ISO 5011 standards and are backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty. Talk to one of our engine experts or browse our air intake inventory below.

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Ramp Up Efficiency With a Fuel Additive

Upgrading your diesel engine’s performance with better exhaust and air intake solutions only goes so far if you’re using low-quality fuel. The heart of your engine, the fuel injection system, needs more than what today’s low-grade diesel options can offer.

When you’re ready to take innovative diesel performance to the next level, Stanadyne is our first and only recommendation for improving fuel quality. Stanadyne fuel additives reap a slew of key benefits for your engine and are capable of enhancing these vital fuel injection parts or functions:

  • High pressure common rail
  • Unit injectors
  • Rotary distribution pumps
  • In-line pumps
  • Multi-Port injection
  • Gasoline direct injection
  • Carburetor

When you make the crucial choice to take your fuel’s performance to the next level, we’ll always recommend a brand like Stanadyne, which was developed by a fuel injection systems manufacturer and proven to perform best in independent tests. For more information, talk to one of our experts or browse our Stanadyne product inventory below!

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